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The 2015 TOUR is now closed.

TRAVEL AIRE 's 11th Annual Exclusive Escorted "American Aviators VIP Tour of China"
$3488* - ALL 5-star - 19 days - March 18 through April 5, 2015

Attend the Dedication Ceremony and 2nd official flag-raising at the huge NEW Flying Tigers Museum now nearing completion at the site of the Flying Tigers Heritage Park being built at their old WW II Airfield oustide Guilin ("Kweilin" in WW II) - followed by a WW II symposium held inside this amazing new 16,000 sq. ft. building.
CLICK on "ITINERARY" link at top right of this page for full details as well as optional shorter tour options.
General information is below.

Please CLICK HERE to view ITINERARY page which shows details of the 19-day Tour - as well as offering options for those who need a shorter version (scroll to the bottom of the Itinerary page for those).


Call us toll-free at (866) 669-2288 or E-mail us at ChinaVIPTour@aol.com.

**Be sure to add "ChinaVIPTour@aol.com" to your E-mail Address Book so that any reply will not end up in SPAM folder.**

***Reserve your space ASAP
to **GUARANTEE** space on the 2015 VIP tour.
Sign-ups are flowing in steadily, so Air China is holding addtional space until filled
in order to permit a significant delegation to attend this most special of all tours.
***We are once again gathering a VERY special group of people for this very special tour,
including family members of the Flying Tigers AVG , 14th AAF, and CBI.
We are treated as a special VIP DELEGATION from the USA each year

One special note - unless certain medical problems can be corrected successfully, 2015 may also be our LAST TOUR
- so join us for possibly our last and very special one-of-a-kind VIP experience in China !

To sign up for our 2015 tour, please refer to the instructions in Item #2 of the FAQ page. While we do take note of your intentions by E-mail or by phone, mailing in your deposit check with your completed and signed Reservation Form is the only way to actually hold space on the tour or on the inevitable wait-list. The Reservation Form is also on this web site In the list at top-right of this page) and can be either printed out for filling out by hand OR filled out online, typing directly into it; then printed out for signature and mailing with your deposit check.

The FAQ page also answers most of the early questions commonly asked by all. Just CLICK HERE to view the FAQ page now or click on the link to the FAQ page on the upper right-hand side of this page to take you there. Once you have signed up, you will be given instructions for how to access more tour specific support as well as another future section which will be location-specific for tour guidance and suggestions for airline travel, each city destination, and the cruise ship, etc.

Note: We continue to strive to keep our high-end tour offered at a low-end rice by utilizing both this web site and the use of E-mail for two-way communications. It is very important that you either have your own access to the Internet OR can arrange to have a friend, neighbor or family member offer to provide this on your behalf if you yourself do not use a computer.

Note: If you are or know someone who is a Flying Tiger from WW II (AVG, 23rd FG, 14th AAF, CBI Hump Pilots, etc., incl. ground support) - and is in good health for international travel - and would like to be included on the 2015 tour as one of our special VIPs, please call us at (866) 669-2288. We also like to include family members of these WW II heroes to view the land their relative(s) helped to save.

Our tour is escorted every year by us personally. We have been going to China since the 1990's and enjoy a wonderful relationship and friendship with Mr. KC Ma of Asia Holiday Travel. Mr. Ma has been very supportive as we have developed our own special version of his basic marvelous tour of China. Our clients truly come away with a 1st class experience for a remarkably low price and wonderful memories and many new friendships.

Special Event attended May 13 -15, 2014 by 3 key members of the Flying Tiger Historical Organization [FTHO] -
A Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC),
is an organization similar in concept to Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower's "People to People" organization formed in 1956.

Pictured below shaking hands with Vice Premier Liu Yandong concluding their special meeting in the People's Hall in Beijing:
Larry L. Jobe - President of the FTHO, retired UAL captain and
leader of this, our annual VIP Tour of China
Major Gen. James T. Whitehead, retired - Chairman of the Board of the FTHO
K.C. Ma, Vice President of the FTHO and President of Asia Holiday Travel, Inc. (through which we arrange our annual VIP China tour)

This special meeting with Vice Premier Liu was also attended by the son and grandson of Flying Tiger Glen Beneda as well as the principals
who have created a 38-episode TV docu-drama series titled "The Blood Chit" and based on the true story of Beneda
who was saved by the Chinese people during WW II, a very common story.

The CPAFFC 60th Anniversary Celebration ended on May 16, 2014 with a SPECIAL appearance and speech by China's President Xi Jinping:

[above photo by KC Ma]
While in Beijing, a delegation flew in from Guilin to meet with the FTHO representatives to view a VERY LARGE book of photos depicting the IMPRESSIVE inside of the new museum and to discuss plans for the very special ceremonies to occur on our tour on March 28, 2015.

11th Annual 19-Day American Aviators VIP Tour of China – of special interest to Aviators and WW II History Buffs:

-----Special permission from the Guilin government to visit the old WW II Yang Tang Flying Tigers airfield & explore Gen. Claire Chennault's old Command Cave.
-----Attend its 2nd official flag-raising ceremony of the Chinese & USA flags together with the Flying Tigers flag - with heavy media coverage.
-----Tour as VIP guests the huge (16,000 sq. ft.) NEW Flying Tigers Exhibition Hall & Museum and attend a symposium inside on the history of this site - with heavy media coverage.
-----Attend a donation ceremony of artifacts for this new musuem as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of WW II (will be celebrated worldwide throughout 2015).
-----Enjoy a special VIP Banquet that evening with local dignitaries - with T.V. and News Media coverage.
-----Receive a special rubbing from the stone tablet inscribed by Mrs. Claire Chennault (Anna) as a gift to everyone by the Mayor of Guilin.
-----Special visit to the largest aviation museum in all of Asia (outside Beijing) with special government permission - much of it built inside a mountain and with acres more on display outside as well as new additional museum buildings housing more aircraft.
-----See all the Great Sights of China in the company of fellow aviators and possibly with some of those who flew and fought there in World War II and/or their family members - hear the stories of those who were shot down and rescued or captured (Please see note at the bottom of this page).
-----Hear the stories of the local Chinese who helped to build the airfields and helped to rescue our downed fliers.
-----Tour Gen. "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell's Museum at his WW II headquarters in Chongqing ("Chunking" in WW II) and visit their new and growing Flying Tiger Museum and Gallery across the street.
-----Explore the Headquarters cave at the airfield used by Gen. Claire Chennault and the Flying Tigers of both the AVG and the 14th Army Air Force near Guilin ("Kweilin" in WW II) and meet some of those who helped to create that field out of a rice paddy, stone by stone.
-----Enjoy a special tour of the largest aviation museum in all of Asia, near Beijing.

Highlights of the Tour include the following:

-----Shanghai: A unique city, once a European concession, blending western architecture & oriental culture with bustling economic life - visit old town Shanghai, YuYuan Gardens, famous Bund, Acrobatic Show, ETC.
-----Suzhou: Known as the "Venice of China" you will cruise on the ancient hand-dug Grand Canal, visit the Masters of the Nets Garden, tour a Silk Factory to see the progression from the silkworm to cocoon to silk fabric, and visit Suzhou's famous Silk Embroidery Institute if time permits, ETC.
-----Wuhan/Yichang: Jet to Wuhan. After lunch, tour the fabulous Hubei Provincial Museum, home of huge ancient bronze bells. Then board a modern high-speed rail for a 2-hour ride to Yichang though picturesque countryside before boarding our ship in time for dinner.

-----Yangtze River Cruise: Aboard the NEW 5-STAR cruise ship "Yangtze No. 2" - newest & largest on the Yangtze River with 2 elevators & all cabins with private balconies - cruise through the Three Gorges (China's Grand Canyon) & visit the world’s largest dam site - then experience proceeding through the 5-stage locks of this great feat (final stage was completed in 2009). Other shore excursions included with the tour: a special Shennong Stream experience (pulled upstream by "Trackers") or the gorgeous Three Lesser Gorges AND Fengdu or Wanxian to visit a local kindergarden, a street market, and the home of a family relocated by the Three Gorges Dam project - all along the third largest & most beautiful river in the world, ETC. Enjoy lectures by special river guides and take in the scenery from the fabulous and well-appointed top deck (many deck chairs and tables and chairs). Scroll below to find links to info and photos of the ship.
-----Chongqing: Tour both the Gen. "Vinegar Joe” Stilwell and Flying Tigers Museums featuring stories & photos of the Flying Tigers. Then board their high-speed bullet train for a 2-hour ride NW to Chengdu.

-----Chengdu: Tour both the world-famous Giant Panda Breeding Center and watch the antics of the baby Pandas; then stroll along ancient JinLi Street.
-----Guilin: Jet to exotic Guilin where we will visit as VIP guests the site of the old Yang Tang airfield & explore the command cave used by Gen. Claire Chennault and the Flying Tigers at the site of the Flying Tigers Heritage Park. Attend a symposium and donation of artifacts ceremony inside the huge NEW Flying Tigers Exhibition Hall & Museum now nearing completion. Enjoy a special VIP banquet with local dignitaries - with heavy TV & news media coverage. Cruise the scenic Li River & pass through picturesque farms and fishing villages with its thousands of limestone outcroppings. Visit the amazing Reed Flute Caves, a tea plantation, a pearl factory and Elephant Trunk Hill, ETC.
-----Xi’an: Jet to Xi'an, ancient capital of China & terminus of the old Silk Road, with the only city wall still intact which you will visit. See one of the Wonders of the World - the 8000 terra-cotta warriors and enjoy the fantastic Tang Dynasty Show & Dumpling Banquet, ETC.
-----Beijing: Jet to Beijing and see Summer Palace, tour Forbidden City and nearby Tiananmen Square, get a special photo op of the 2008 Summer Olympics stadium ("Bird's Nest"), experience the Great Wall before it is crowded with vendors and other tourists - all among many other sights - plus a special tour of the largest aviation museum in all of Asia, ETC.

******5-Star Hotels******

-----Shanghai 5* Four Points by Sheraton, Shanghai, Daning, or similar: www.starwoodhotels.com/fourpoints/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=1986
-----Chengdu 5* Crowne Plaza Chengdu West Hotel or similar: www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/chengdu/ctucp/hoteldetail
5* Lijiang Waterfall Hotel or similar: www.waterfallguilin.com/EN/
-----Xi'an 5* Grand Noble Hotel or similar: www.gnhotel.com/xian_index.php?Locale=en-us
-----Beijing 5* Wanda Realm or similar: http://wanda-realm-beijing.hotel-rn.com/index.htm?lbl=ggl

*****5 Star Cruise Ship*****

NEW 5-STAR "Yangtze No. 2" cruise ship - newest & largest on the Yangtze River - with 2 elevators and all cabins with private balconies. For more information, visit: www.ccotc.com/cruise.do?method=queryCruiseList&typeid=5

*******To VIEW and/or print a ".pdf" of photos from the above CRUISE SHIP, CLICK HERE. *******

Airport flyer being sent out:


******* To open and print a ".pdf" version of the ABOVE flyer , CLICK HERE. *******

Our tour is escorted every year by us personally. We have been going to China since the 1990's and enjoy a wonderful relationship and friendship with Mr. KC Ma of Asia Holiday Travel. Mr. Ma has been very supportive as we have developed our own special version of his basic marvelous tour of China. Our clients truly come away with a 1st class experience for a remarkably low price and wonderful memories and many new friendships.


now nearing completion at the site of the future Flying Tigers Heritage Park

- near Guilin ("Kweilin" in WW II), China:

To view construction progress from start to current date, CLICK HERE:

To view complete design plans for new Flying Tigers Museum building under construction now, CLICK HERE:

To open a .pdf presentation of all views of the new Flying Tigers Museum building deisgn which can be viewed
and saved to your computer and/or printed, CLICK HERE
To view the surprise ground-breaking ceremony experienced by our 2009 tour group, CLICK HERE or scroll below:

"Flying Tigers Heritage Park" surprise Ground-breaking Ceremony on our 2009 tour :

(click on the image box to restart it from the beginning if needed

Our 2009 tour group was surprised by a fabulous ground-breaking ceremony in Guilin at the site of the future "Flying Tigers Heritage Park" (a joint Chinese/American project which has evolved as a direct result of our annual visits to the old airfield site).

This celebration included a marching band in full uniform, a bevy of beautifully-attired Chinese young ladies, 4 long dancing Chinese lions, fireworks off the surrounding mountains, and a stage full of local dignitaries. This event was covered by TV and newspaper media all over China. Wall-to-wall red carpeting surrounded the official ground-breaking site where the cornerstone monument was unveiled. The shovels and the waiting bull-dozers were decorated with large red bows. Everyone was given a beautiful orchid corsage and a beautiful gift bag, and asked to sign a long red banner which will later be hung in the new museum being built. You can view a number of photos now by visiting the following sister web site: www.FlyingTigersHistoricalOrganization.com and clicking on "Park Design" from the menu list on top right (near the bottom of the list).

Re: This VERY SPECIAL Project:

Please explore www.FlyingTigerHistoricalOrganization.com, our sister website formed for our joint project with China to create a Memorial Park to the Flying Tigers at the site of the old airfield and Operations "Command cave" outside Guilin (known as "Kweilin" in WW II) in SE China. China has pledged over $3 million USD for their portion of this marvelous endeavor (plus an additional $23 million USD to add a 5-star hotel once the park is completed) and is asking us to raise $400,000 USD through our NON-PROFIT organization (= tax deductible for all donations) for our contribution from the USA to be applied to the restoration of the Command HQ inside the cave, etc.

The new plans (shown above) for the 16,000 sq. ft. main museum building were presented to us during our March 2011 tour, complete with blueprints. The new design is quite remarkable and resembles a Stealth Bomber from above although it is based on some marvelous concepts guiding the actual design. The main entrance will have the famous Shark's Teeth painted on either side and a row of small rectangular windows above on each side which resemble the exhaust stacks of the famous P- 40 used first by the original American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers who served in China until July 1942. They were eventually replaced by the 14th Army Air Force after the US entered WW II and who served in China until the war's end and beyond in 1945.

Additional information will eventually appear on the "Save the Cave" page on this web site - click on the "Save the Cave" button (upper righthand side of this page).

PLEASE NOTE: We have been so honored and privileged to escort a number of Flying Tigers with our group over the past 10 VIP tours. It is so wonderful to see how the Chinese receive these fine heroes from days gone by and still remember them with such awe and respect. We hope to be able to escort more in 2015 but cannot promise this at this time as age is taking its toll on these remarkable heroes. We do have several who are in their 90's who are hopeful of going and have had 3 in their 90's tour with us before. Regardless, we do expect to have a some very special people with us and will keep you informed as the departure date looms closer. We promise the same historic and amazing VIP tour and 2015 promises to be not only the best tour ever but may also be our LAST TOUR unless certain health problems can be improved.


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