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We have a small number of DVD's and VHS videos still available for LOAN showing the 2004 tour to China which was our very first VIP version of our annual China tour. If you'd like to get a feeling for what one of our VIP tours to China looks like, call us to arrange for one (please specify DVD or video) to be mailed to you for a short loaner period (subject to availability). Purchase is also possible - just call.

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This two-hour work was filmed, assembled and narrated by our good friend of many years, Ramona Cox, who was on her second tour of China with us. She is an accomplished pilot in her own right and lives out her dreams every day. She is a frequenter presenter at Oshkosh showing other pilots how to fly-camp and work online from anywhere. She has appeared as a feature speaker at many other events and has had many articles written about her and by her. To learn more about her or to book her as a speaker, visit her website at www.skychickadventures.com.

Attention 2005 Tour Participants (and others???)

The 2005 Tour DVD filmed and assembled by our good friend and fellow retired United Captain, Keith Godbey, is still available for ordering! The DVD was been created in the new wide-screen format (16:9 instead of the old 4:3) but will play fine on all the old standard sized screens. The DVD contains just under a half hour of footage and music without narration, focusing on the Flying Tigers as the centerpiece of our tour of China. Keith does admit, though, that it includes plenty of blackmail material as well. He is charging an insanely low $19.99 per DVD. It will be shipped via DHL.

Contact us if you wish to order a copy.

Suggested Reading
(I will be adding to this section periodically)

1. One of our favorite Flying Tiger books is "Longburst and the Flying Tigers" - an autobiography written by the late Jim Dumas, Sr. who served in the first group of the 14th Army Air Force to arrive in China to replace the original AVG Flying Tigers being disbanded about seven months following the entrance by the US into WW II. Jim wrote this alone and unaided and it is truly a good read as he is a very talented writer. You really get to walk in his shoes. Jim was especially privileged to fly wingman for Tex Hill, probably the most famous Flying Tiger of them all (more about him in the next section).

To order your own copy of Jim Dumas' wonderfully written autobiography, "Longburst and the Flying Tigers," [we are waiting on new info to be provided in the near future following the sad loss of Jim in Oct. 2009.].

2. Another favorite Flying Tiger book is "Tex Hill, Flying Tiger" which is also an autobiography, written by the late Tex ( we lost him in 2008) with the aid of his oldest grandson, Reagan E. Schaupp. Not only was Tex probably the most famous Flying Tiger of them all but served in both the AVG and the 14th Army Air Force. He was a triple Ace and had been awarded both the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross with 4 oak leaf clusters. You can read more about him and order his fabulous book from his website: www.texhill.com

3. My personal favorite book about China in general is "Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China" by Jung Chang and is both autobiographical and biographical as she tells the story of her grandmother, her mother and then herself as they grew up in 20th century China all set amid the tremendous changes and political upheavals that continued to unfurl. It is available on Amazon.com, among others.

4. A "must-read" is "The Rape of Nanking" by the late Iris Chang which documents and describes the most brutal massacre of the Chinese people by the Japanese in 1937. Bitterness continues today because there is yet to be either an apology or and admittance by the Japanese government to these atrocities.


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      This is Ramona Cox sitting in the Little Eagle 500 in Shijiazhuang in March '04